Industrial Tooling

Optimise production, ergonomics, and take time with pneumatic, cordless, and electric tools and assembly solutions to suit your general industrial and service tooling needs. We go out of our way to procure industrial tooling equipment that you can rely on daily. When you partner with us, you partner with the best because we only supply the best!


• Positioners
• Retractors
• Balancers
• Torque Reels
• Grounding Reels


• Nutrunners
• Servopress Fastening Technologies
• Custom Made Assembly Solutions


• Pneumatic Tools
• Cordless Tools
• Electric Screwdrivers
• Assembly Systems


• Pneumatic Riveters
• Cordless Riveters
• Fasteners
• Automation

Ingersoll Rand

• Industrial Equipment, Pneumatic, Cordless & Electric Tooling
• Advanced Assembly Systems
• Pneumatic Engine Starting Systems
• Ergonomic Lifting Equipment


• Quality Control
• Digital Torque Wrenches
• Test Benches
• Torque Analyzers
• Universal Production Integration Solutions
• Transducers & Joint Simulators
• Visual Production Software